Basic Beading Classes

Beading is a fun and creative way to relax and hang out with friends.  In fact, we highly recommend bringing a friend with you to class.  When you register for class you will get a materials list. You have the option of bringing your own beads or old jewelry to re-purpose, but you can always buy the materials the day of the class.


Boho Bracelet


Bring old jewelry to repurpose into a funky and fun bracelet.

In this class you will learn:
    Design tips and techniques
    Selecting clasps and closures
    How to start and finish a project
    Simple fixes and repairs to use at home

Tuition $35 per person, per project (includes findings but not beads)
Class duration: 2 hours



In this basic class you will learn the wire wrap technique used to make earrings, dangles, pendants, and charms.  You will have time to practice your new skills before making your own masterpiece. Tuition includes findings but not beads. Additional materials will be available to purchase should you want to make more than one item.  

Tuition $35 per person, per project (includes finding, not beads)
Class duration: 2 hour


Peyote Stitch Rings

Learn the basic flat peyote stitch with increases and decreases to make a bracelet. No experience required. You will learn the stitch with large beads to start and then move on to smaller beads when you feel comfortable.  Beads are not included in the tuition.  You will receive a materials list upon registration.  

Tuition is $35, class duration 2 hours.


Memory Wire Bracelet

This class is great for all ages and a favorite parent/child project. We will be using Memory Wire, which is treated so that it keeps it’s shape. With a simple end to the wire it’s super easy for students to string beads in any creative way they wish. The end result is a bangle style bracelet that will always keep it’s shape. Beads not included.

Tuition: $35 per person, per project.

Class duration 2 hours.

Upscale memory wire bracelet.

Upscale memory wire bracelet.


UFO Class: UnFinishedObjects

You are not alone….we all have some un-finished projects laying about the studio. Here’s a fun way to get that project done. Hang out with like-minded beady peeps, get some inspiration and finish that project!

Tuition: $15

Class Duration: 2 hours

Bring your own supplies.